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Do You Give a Shit?


I don’t give a shit – about much

As I have aged I have discovered that I gave a shit about a lot of stuff. I also discovered that caring too much about things that were not critical was a waste of my time, as the caring would not have any lasting effect on the situation. For instance, reprimanding a ne’er do well about parking in a handicap parking spot was appropriate, but rarely did it change the perpetrator’s behavior. Sure, I could embarrass him, but such a perp is merely a Chihuahua – the barking never stops unless you are willing to really enforce it physically, and if you are a big dog, where does that get you?

Here’s the flip side. For the important things, I am perfectly willing to trade my life in order to spare a less able person from bad behavior of an individual who wants to pick on them. It may happen someday, and many people who know me predict that I will be shot. I now figure that a life spent exposing a bad person is that of a hero and avoids the multiple deaths of a coward. I put to rest one guy, who drove his pick up truck up to me as I got out of my sedan and asked me if it was my day to be an asshole. I answered, “No, I am an asshole every day, today I am a Mother F**ker”. What I learned that day is my next line to him should have been, “Now, here is what you are going to do. You will drive far enough away to be sure you can get away clean, then you will lean out your window, give me the finger, and tell me to go f**k myself.”

Don’t know why, but just felt like sharing that.

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